Magical Swan Books





Embark on an enchanting journey with the young orphan Winterbloom as she discovers magical characters within her grandmother's cottage in this delightful 4-book series!


Book 1 Discovery of the Moon Treasures

The Magical Spinning Wheel sends Winterbloom to the moon where she obtains a treasure that helps others in other Magical Swan stories…


Book 2 The Broken Swan

Listen to the old grandmother's tale as she shares how she, as a child, found The Broken Swan which became the story-telling Swan within her stone cottage. In this book a magical coffee grinder is also discovered.


Book 3 Winterhawk

Don’t be proud, you might change into a hawk, like the boy Winterbloom learns about in Winterhawk. 


Book 4 Fortunatta, the Naughty Fairy

This fairytale is what Winterbloom hears when she is left alone with the Magical Swan.


Older readers can also look forward to the next 12-book series, THE MAGICAL SWAN and the CHRONICLES of SILVERREALM, where Winterbloom becomes a young teen and learns from the Magical Swan about the sinister evil threatening her imaginary World of Landia, which can only be overcome by the ultimate rescue of the Magical Swan.